My First Blog June 1, 2017

Hello! Welcome to my first “Blog”.  I have been thinking about doing this for a while, and have finally decided to take the plunge.

I thought I would start out by introducing myself.  I am a prairie girl and have recently moved from the city to small town Saskatchewan – Biggar.  Tag line for the town “New York is Big, But this is Biggar” has been a part of this town for many years.  The most recent population posted is 2,161, and now with the addition of me – 2,162.

Life in a small town is certainly slower paced, no one is in a rush – it is actually a nice change.  I am retired, I was fortunate to be able to retire early from a 30 year career in the corporate world.  I love the slower pace and the “no stress” lifestyle.

So when I was looking for something to do with my time, I found country chic refinishing.  It all started with a class I took with a friend of mine and learnt how to distress with chalk paint.  I fell in love, every time I paint it takes me to my happy place.  I can let go of all my surroundings and relax and just have fun.

Now, I have always been a crafter.  I started out with cross stitching, I did this for years.  I could sit for hours and get lost in the art of creation.  I have also done soap making, candle making, body butters and bath bombs.  I am the queen of trying any craft once but have found my passion with painting.

Follow me on my journey with American Paint Company and the endless ideas of what you can do with their wonderful products!


Lee Ann


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