American Paint Company Paint – First Project

So as I experiment with American Paint Company paints, I have done a few pieces of furniture but I must say my first is my absolute favourite!

I had bought 2 end tables and they were a nice brown colour but not of the best quality.  I was tired of them and wanted to add more colour to my bedroom.  As I talked with my local American Paint Company retailer, she helped me picked the colours and decide how much product I would need.

I settled on fireworks red and cannonball.  I bought all my supplies and headed home to get busy!

I lived in a two story home, so when it came time to start working I realised that there was no way I could carry these pieces up and down the stairs as my husband works out of town.  So…I put down a drop cloth right there in the bedroom and started working.  The one thing about this line of paint is that it is eco-friendly, non toxic and no odour! I worked on my end tables in my room and had absolutely no paint smell at all. All I had to do was give them a good cleaning – that was my only prep.  NO SANDING! It took me about a week to complete them both and were a wonderful surprise for my husband.

They turned out fantastic! My husband loves them and still out of all the pieces I’ve done, they are still our favourites!

I enjoyed this project so much and working with these products was sooooo easy, that I decided to become a retailer for American Paint Company.  There are so many colours to choose from and they are always adding new products to line to get you that look and finish you want!

If you have a piece you need refinishing, let me know and I can help you pick colours, give you tips and help you find a retailer near you.

Happy painting!

Lee Ann


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