What is a Cricut Explore Air?

Hello everyone!

Today I am looking at the Cricut Explore machine.  When I first came across it – I had absolutely no idea what it was and what I could do with it.  After a month of exploration through You Tube, Google and Pinterest I discovered all the crafty things that could be done with this machine! (not just stencilling like I use it for – someday I will venture into more projects)

My main reason for purchasing the machine is because I wanted to create my own stencils for wood and canvas signs.  I will be honest, the machine takes some time to get used to and figure out.  If you’ve just purchased one – be patient, there is a huge learning curve but make sure you have fun learning.  I’ve gone through more vinyl and stencil material than I care to admit but with each mistake you learn something more.  I also discovered that during this learning curve I came across cheaper materials to get through this so I’m not throwing out good vinyl!

Some of the cheaper products I found to use is Freezer Paper and Contact Paper.  If you are in Canada I found them at Home Hardware and Canadian Tire.  They can be tricky to work with and yes, the vinyl is easier to work with but I just hated wasting good vinyl which is quite expensive.  My advice, shop around on line for vinyl, there are some good deals out there so take your time looking.

I’ve also discovered that using the American Paint Company Chalk Paint, it was easy to paint and distress my wood signs, they have great glazing products for staining and finishing – so easy to use and I worked on them right on my kitchen table!

If you wish to see the wide range of colours and paints that American Paint Company has, please check out their web site at American Paint Company. You can also search for a local retailer for all your paint supplies!

Stay tuned for step by step instructions on how I build the wood signs and paint on canvas.

Happy creating!

Note:  picture is of a DIY (Do It Yourself) Serving Tray from American Paint Company.  Paint used: Beach Glass, Navajo White and Decorative Knobs from American Paint Company.  Stencil used was created on the Cricut Explore Air 2.


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